In 1989, from the humblest of beginnings, Young Living started what would become the world’s leading essential oil company on a one-quarter acre farm in Washington. On this small plot of ground, Gary Young carefully cultivated lavender and other various herbs. Toward the end of the season, Gary built his first distiller by welding two pressure cookers together. It was placed on the kitchen countertop, and the water for the cooler came from the kitchen sink. This yielded Young Living Essential Oils’ first tiny batch of therapeutic-grade essential oils. 

Young Living Today

By 2009, the company had grown from that small, one-quarter acre in Washington State to flourishing customer communities all over the planet – including the United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, South America, Great Britain, and Europe.

I’m happy to welcome you to the wonderful world of Young Living and I look forward to assisting you in learning more about our therapeutic grade oils. To get started, I suggest you watch the 3 informative videos on this page and listen to the Fascinating Lecture by Gary Young. Click the button below to watch.

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Treasured by nearly every ancient culture for thousands of years…Essential Oils

…these “miracles of nature” have more uses and wellness-supporting benefits than you can imagine.

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Customers reviews

I was very skeptical about trying CBD, but am so glad I finally did! Took about a week, but I'm so impressed. No more pain in my shoulders or back! Thank you, Young Living!
Adam Sendler
My skin is loving the Savvy Minerals Makeup and the Young Living skin care line & I'm not the only one who's noticed the difference. I can't believe all the compliments I'm getting about how great my skin looks these days.
Mila Kunis
My wife brought home oils and a diffuser, which I really thought was silly, until we both got a restful night's sleep, from me no longer raising the roof with my snoring. First time in years. Nice, very nice.
Mike Sendler
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